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The awesome Batman onesie on our website can be worn as a comfortable outfit for strolling around your ‘Gotham City’. Finished with a Batman logo on the front and back, a hood and front pockets, our batman pajama is a great gift for children and adults alike. You must be pretty batty if you do not think this is super cool.

Celebrities from all over the world are wearing this onesie from our website. Not only for sleeping, but this wonderful costume is also great for fancy dress parties as well. With a soft brushed cotton fleece inside, you can throw away your old jammies and not worry about owning a dressing gown as well.

Our range of Batman onesies is completed with a hood, so you can snuggle comfortably while pretending to be the crime-fighting crusader who is bringing criminals to justice. You can wear your onesie outside your home and not worry about people judging you.

How to take care of a batman kigurumi?

Just like everything else, your costume will last a whole lot longer if you take care of it properly. It is highly recommended that you wash your Batman costume in cold water. Do not think of placing them in a hot dryer. You can either hang it outside to dry naturally or simply dry using a dryer on fluff setting only.

We have more than a few reasons why you should purchase your Batman pjs from our website. We offer a generous 30-days money back guarantee if you do not like the product. Additionally, if you shop via our website, you will earn loyalty points and use them to avail heavy discounts on your next purchases. Our products are ideal for all occasions, budgets and tastes. The next-day delivery also ensures you get your products delivered faster.

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