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Fox Onesie Costumes

Are you a creature of the night? If yes, then this sly fox onesie will bring out the nocturnal and cunning predator in you, thereby ensuring that you have a wild time at your friend’s costume party. The big ears and the plush tail give this fox pajamas a much softer side and make it fun to wear as pajamas as well. This means that you will not have to change before crashing on your friend’s couch after your party!

Fox Pajamas & Onesie Care

Washing your fox onesie pajamas is a very easy task. All you need to do is follow the steps below carefully and your onesie will last for a long time to come:

Turn your costume upside down. This will prevent the fabric from getting nappy.Put it inside your washing machine. Note, although most fox pjs are washing machine-safe, check it first.Use any soft detergent. You can also add a softener to keep your onesie from going stiff after drying.Make use of the ‘Normal’ mode to clean the kigurumi. You can also use the ‘Gentle’ cycle.After this procedure, hang the kigurumi outside to dry naturally. If you plan on using a dryer, it is highly recommended that you use either the ‘Fluff Air’ mode or the ‘Air Dry’ setting.

Fox Costume Pjs Summary

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