Sloth Pajamas Onesie for Adults & Baby

Sloth Onesie Pajamas

If you think that you are an expert on being lazy, then we are sorry to disappoint you. You are nowhere near the famous sloth animal. But by donning our range of the softest sloth onesie pjs, you will be able to live in the moment, just like a sloth.

With a soft fleece material, three-finger sleeve, easy-to-wear button and cute droopy eyes, you will yawn in laziness. Prepare to spend your days snuggled in the best sloth pajama and being plain lazy.

Sloth Costume & Pajamas Care

If you are washing your sloth costume for the first time, it is highly recommended that you use the gentlest setting of your washing machine, laundry detergent and cold water. These recommendations will keep the fleece in their original fluffy condition, prevent any dye from bleeding and protect the details from fading away.

For continuous washing, it is suggested that you wash it with warm water. Using a fabric softener is optional. But, you should never use chlorine bleach on your sloth onesie costume as it can remove the color of your onesie. Non-chlorine and color-safe bleach will work just fine.

When it comes to drying, you should preferably put the costume under the sun to dry. But, it will take more than a day to dry off properly. If you are feeling lazy or cannot simply wait that long, you can make use of your dryer for drying your costume.

Sloth Pjs Costume Summary

If the words ‘try’ and ‘effort’ do not fit into your vocabulary, then a sloth onesie is the right product for you! You can check out our range of sloth pajamas & costumes. Also, you can also avail heavy discounts on your products if you are shopping for the first time from our website. You will be very lucky to sleep comfortably under your sloth pajamas costume.

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